Group Coaching Programme to support Startups, Scaleups and Micro Businesses

Alistair Ritchie
Director | Alternotion Ltd
14th November 2023

Startups, scaleups and micro businesses form the vast majority of UK companies and they are essential for all our futures as many aim to break the mould, innovate and create.

However, dealing with all the 'non-innovative' work; the day-to-day operation and management; can be hard and take much time. Some of this could be outsourced but not all – and there’s probably a fairly significant cost attached.

To try to help we have developed a new Group Coaching Programme that covers many of the bases in day-to-day work. Why coaching and not training? Because coaching helps you work out what you actually want, why and how you’re going to go about it.

Over a roughly three month period, attendees will learn about their preferences in how they work plus gain information around topics such as sales and marketing, suppliers and distributors, managing staff, investors, day-to-day finance, legal and ESG. All in three online sessions totalling 2.5 hours a month.

A Group Coaching approach benefits the attendees as it’s often used to address individual and collective challenges. The people in the group have their own businesses, products and services, however the challenges to be faced are similar for all. Everyone inputs ideas; everyone can question concepts and everyone learns from and is inspired by everyone else. 

The Main Programme consists of seven 60-minute sessions. It's a rolling programme and people can join at any time – sessions do not follow on from each other.

The Supplementary Programme is four 30-minute sessions. A one-to-one session looking at Team Roles and Skills. Three group sessions looking at Values, Emotional Quotient and Work Load. These help you with the ‘how’ and ‘why’ whereas the Main Programme looks more at the ‘what’ and ‘when’.

For Business West members the total fee for both programmes is £300. That’s a discount of over 65% from the normal fee. We want to help a good number of businesses in as cost effective a way as possible and Business West is the best way for us to do that. 

There will be twice monthly Intro Calls open to any member who may be interested in or curious about the overall programme from December ( and the programme itself kicks off in January. If you want to know more in the meantime email me on

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