Members can now access a 10% discount with C-Coach; a personalised digital coach 'in your pocket'

Paul Burton
31st January 2023

So, what is C-Coach?

C-Coach is a digital personalised coach ‘in your pocket’ that supports individuals within business organisations to identify and change the behaviours that are impacting their performance/life and equip their manager to support them. 

We all have blind spots that impact our wellbeing, life, and work. C-Coach empowers individuals to take responsibility for their own growth so they can identify things that are holding them back which otherwise would have gone unnoticed.    

The coach then identifies priority development and connects individuals to bite size content or introduces them to collaborate with others who are learning in the same space or are experts who can help them.  

C-Coach are delighted to have joined The Chambers of Commerce to give members a unique and innovative chance to support their workforce.  Members can now access C-Coach taking advantage of an exclusive member discount of 10%.

For details see where you can set this up for your business directly sign up and use code BW10%CC to access your discount. Should you want more information or wish to create a bespoke offer for your business please email quoting you are a Business West Member.

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