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PLF Consulting provides services to UK & European companies that wish to source products from China, and to help the communication between European companies & Chinese companies. We established PLF Consulting in 2018. We are keen to assist you, whether that is by researching the best manufacturers for your needs, or by directly managing your factories or suppliers. What's the biggest roadblock to your business? Late delivery? Costly overruns? Miscommunication? Are you frustrated with your current manufacturers? We can call upon a team of professionals with many years of experience of managing suppliers in China, and of working with distributors and customers in Europe and worldwide. Our specialization spans video game peripherals, merchandise, mobile accessories, and a diverse array of electronic products. We excel in facilitating consistent business operations originating from China and Asia, overseeing the entire supply chain. This includes steering new product development, prototyping, managing samples, graphic design, production and shipping, conducting production oversight, ensuring stringent quality control measures, and a spectrum of other pivotal services. With teams strategically positioned in both China and the UK, PLF possesses a unique capability to monitor market dynamics effectively. Leveraging the time zone difference, while the UK and Europe rest, our China team remains active, ensuring continuous updates and progress. This facilitates synchronized collaboration between the China and UK teams, enabling cohesive support for our clients in Europe. Partnering with us means accessing the right alliances to drive your business towards success. Team members being based in the UK serves as a strategic alignment with the companies we collaborate with in both the UK and Europe. The synergy between the teams in China and UK enhances operational efficiency significantly. This setup allows for seamless continuity.
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