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Richard Unwin
Owner | Mainstrategy Ltd
10th November 2017

South western companies with exporting aspirations can now tap into Business West member company, Mainstrategy Ltd. Whilst it is a relatively new specialist exporting consultancy business it comprises a team of profoundly experienced directors all with deep knowledge of international trade development and connections in many parts of the world. The other advantage which Mainstrategy brings is a fast track route to the key decision makers in a number of key markets.

Richard Unwin, the Chairman and founder explains that one of the most critical elements in successful exporting is the vital appointment of “in country “agents and distributors. Identifying the key players with access to the target market is absolutely vital. Many companies make costly mistakes by appointing an inappropriate third party. This is a specialised skill which the Mainstrategy team enjoys. The old saying is invariably true “it’s who you know “ which really counts. Due diligence is the key as in most aspects of business but none more important in exporting.

The company once invited to advise, will immerse itself in product knowledge and the culture of the business. It will work with the personnel involved in sales and marketing and support them wholeheartedly . In some cases Mainststrategy can become an outsourced export sales department. Some companies seek export sales mentoring which is also a service. The company has expertise in USA, Middle East, SE Asia, sub-Saharan Africa and has a very experienced European Director who will be invaluable to clients post Brexit. He will assist with EU conformity and other possible regulations This will be managed from our Dusseldorf offices. See the website:

Richard Unwin
In this blog I have tried to say who I am and what we can do !
Richard Unwin
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