How small businesses can use the media to drive recovery

Small businesses make up half of the UK’s GDP and half the country’s employment, and there are around six million of us.

So we have a huge and important voice. 

We can use our voices in the media to share the great stories and news that we have, and change negative media news into positive business coverage. And in doing so drive confidence into the economic recovery.

Four press release top tips to get your business profiled in the media and play your part


The News Story


Make the story really compelling. Journalists want to talk up the economy. You need to help them. There has to be an angle that’s genuinely interesting so that journalists will be confident that their readers will spend time on it. Watch this video to learn more.


The Headline


Provocative, edgy, eye catching. The headline is the first thing that the journalists see and will make their mind up on whether they want to read further. Relevant to the story…..but irresistible. 


The Image


A good quality appealing image often is the reason why a journalist will run a story. Like the headline it has to be relevant, but the more appealing the better.


The Right Journalists


Getting the story to the right journalists is key. Make the most of an established distribution service… needn’t be expensive, it needn’t be time consuming or difficult, but good coverage can be a huge sales boost and a great contribution to driving economic recovery. Watch this video to learn more.


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