Indonesia Market Guide

Explore Indonesia, with a population of 252 million it could potentially be the perfect export market for your business.

Indonesia is the world's 30th largest economy and is projected to be in the top 10 by 2030.

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  • Shozey Jafferi

    Meet our ASEAN Expert

    For over a decade Shozey Jafferi has successfully managed engineering companies in Central Asia and South East Asia, he now uses his extensive experience to help South West business. Shozey helps companies tap into the wealth of opportunities on offer in ASEAN, and uses his vast network of contacts and trade support partners to make vital connections in the region. 

  • How to get started

    Upon enquiry, one of our desk-based international market researchers will be in touch to undertake a telephone briefing session to fully understand your business' research requirements. Our research team is thorough and knowledgable, giving you the best opportunity to find the right overseas markets for your products and services.

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