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What are the key benefits of an ATA Carnet?

  • ATA Carnets simplify customs procedures and reduce border delays, making travel more efficient and straightforward

  • ATA Carnets help you to avoid paying import tax and duties, making your journey more affordable

  • ATA Carnets are valid for up to a year in over 80 countries, and within this period you can import and export your equipment as many times as you need to

What is an ATA Carnet?

An ATA Carnet is a physical customs document which acts as a 'passport for goods’. It aids the temporary movement of goods out of the UK and into other countries on the ATA Carnet scheme.

By using an ATA Carnet to temporarily import your goods into other countries, you can avoid paying import duty and tax on those goods. This is because an ATA Carnet acts as a ‘guarantee’ to foreign countries/territories that all goods will be re-exported within a certain time-frame.

Do I need an ATA Carnet?

ATA Carnets are not mandatory in any instance, but they can be vital in saving time and money if you are temporarily taking goods out of the UK. They can be used to take the following goods overseas: 

  • Professional equipment
    This includes goods such as camera equipment, music/concert equipment, equipment for educational, scientific or cultural purposes, sporting equipment, and manufacturing equipment
  • Commercial samples
    This includes any goods that you might want to take to show overseas customers or potential customers
  • Goods that you need for display or use at international trade fairs or exhibitions

Perishable, consumable and disposable goods cannot be listed on ATA Carnets. This includes items such as food, water, pens, pencils, leaflets, flyers, etc.

Saleable goods such as band merchandise are also not permitted on ATA Carnets.

Why should I use an ATA Carnet?

Watch our quick guide to ATA Carnets to find out more about how they work and why you might benefit from using an ATA Carnet:

What is Business West?

Business West has been assisting businesses across the UK with their export documentation for 200 years. With thousands of satisfied customers choosing to use our services for their documentation, it’s no wonder we’re one of the leading Chambers of Commerce in the UK. We have an experienced team of 20 documentation specialists who can help you with your ATA Carnet and international trade documentation needs.

How can Business West help you?

Whether you want to take samples to potential customers, exhibit at a trade fair, or transport professional equipment to jobs abroad, Business West can help you. If you want your goods to benefit from a streamlined customs clearance routine in over 80 countries, sign up to our fast, reliable and secure electronic ATA Carnet service today. 

Our ATA Carnet service includes: 

  • A straightforward and easy-to-navigate application process
  • Bespoke support and communication from our 20-strong team of ATA Carnet specialists 
  • Full ATA Carnet completion and printing
  • Tracked postage/courier delivery (extra fees apply)

We also offer a Goods Movement Reference (GMR) service. This means that we can acquire a GMR on your behalf and get you over the border quickly.

Not sure how to use your ATA Carnet?

Check out our step-by-step video guide on how to use your ATA Carnet:

How much does an ATA Carnet cost? 

Each ATA Carnet costs £400 + VAT for non-members and £230 + VAT for members. Additional ATA Carnet security fees apply: these vary depending on what countries you are travelling to, how long you are travelling for, the total value of the goods you are taking, and the type of goods you are taking. 

All ATA Carnets issued can be used for multiple trips and are valid for 12 months.  

What information is needed for an ATA Carnet? 

When applying for your ATA Carnet, you will need to provide the following details about your company:

  • Full company name
  • Full company address

You will then also need to provide details about:

  • Which countries/territories you plan to take your equipment/goods to
  • How long you plan to take your equipment/goods for
  • The type of equipment/goods you are taking (e.g. sports equipment or concert/music equipment)

And finally, you will need to provide a full, highly descriptive general list, detailing every item you are planning to take. It is important that you ensure your general list is as comprehensive as possible, as this will enable Customs to readily identify each item on the list. 

Can I sell goods declared on an ATA Carnet? 

No. All goods listed on a Carnet will need to be brought back to the UK. Failure to do so, no matter the reason, could result in a fine being imposed by overseas customs authorities. Therefore, it is incredibly important that your equipment and goods do not get damaged, sold or lost when you are abroad. 

What countries can an ATA Carnet be used for? 

ATA Carnets can be used for entry into the 87 countries that are signed up to the ATA Carnet scheme. This includes all EU territories and more.

How do I apply for an ATA Carnet?

To find out how to apply for an ATA Carnet using our online application portal, eCert, please watch the video guide below:

If you have any questions about how to apply for an ATA Carnet, please get in contact with a member of our team and we can guide you through the online application process. You can also reach us on 01275 373373.

  • Apply for an ATA Carnet today

    Start creating and submitting your ATA Carnets today. To apply for your carnet, you'll be taken to our easy-to-use export documentation platform, eCert.

  • Apply for an ATA Carnet today

    Start creating and submitting your ATA Carnets today. To apply for your carnet, you'll be taken to our easy-to-use export documentation platform, eCert.