Benefits of hiring a third party to complete your customs declarations

Fay Daniels
Marketing Executive - Enterprise | Business West
9th December 2020

The 1st January 2021 will see big changes coming into place with regards to trading rules. From this date, businesses trading with any country outside of the UK, including the EU, will need to submit customs declarations.

These can be completed yourself for all your exports and imports, or you can get a third party to deal with them for you.

There are a few options when appointing someone to help, including Freight Forwarders, Custom Agents/Brokers or Fast Parcel Operators. We take a look at the advantages and benefits of getting customs declarations completed for you, whatever option you choose.

Avoid costly mistakes 

Completing customs declarations can be complex, and there is room for error. Using a third party will mean hiring an expert who will ensure that you avoid any mistakes that could cause delays at the border. Peace of mind is priceless!

Staff will already be trained

Submitting customs declarations can be complicated and you would need to train people up to specifically take on the task. A third party will already have people trained to take care of the declarations efficiently and effectively.

They’ll have the right software

You may require certain software to submit customs declarations properly. By hiring a third party, you won’t need to have this software, as they will already have the tools needed to complete the process.

You only need to deal with one company

You will only need to deal solely with your customs broker, rather than having to speak to several different government agencies individually.

Will save you time

The process of completing and submitting customs declarations can be time consuming; a third party will take away this hassle and allow you to get on with the day-to-day running of your business.

Time is running out to get prepared for 1st January 2021. With the amount of customs declarations likely to increase from the current volume of 55 million up to 255 million in the New Year (The National Audit Office), it’s important to decide now how you are going to deal with them, before the rush in January.

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