Business West responds to updated Border Operating Model

Zoe Bagnall
Content and PR Executive | Business West
8th October 2020

Today (Thursday 8 October) the UK government has updated its Border Operating Model which provides further information on how the GB-EU border will work. 

This includes an announcement that the government may build up to 10 centres to process customs paperwork as well as bring in postponed VAT accounting and duty deferment accounts. 

On 1 January 2021, Britain will reach the end of the Brexit transition period, meaning businesses will need to complete customs declarations to import and export goods into the world’s biggest trading bloc. 

Commenting on the development, Director of Policy at Business West, Matt Griffith, said:

"The government's announcement today of a revised Border Operating Model, which includes changes such as mapping out locations of border infrastructure that will provide additional capacity to carry out checks as well as postponed VAT accounting, will both help to alleviate concerns and keep businesses' cashflow running smoothly. 

"However, there are still significant questions that remain for businesses, as outlined in the recent unanswered questions document published by The British Chambers, such as guidance on rules of origin, labelling requirements for food and drink products, and how the border between Northern Ireland and Great Britain will operate. 

"Businesses across the South West who export to the EU need to be informed of the next steps to avoid delays and potential chaos at the borders in January. A comprehensive free trade agreement is no doubt the outcome that most firms want in order to ensure the New Year begins with the reassurance of economic security and prosperity." 

We have a wealth of resource for businesses to help them understand how to adapt to changes coming at the end of December in our Trading through Brexit advice hub.

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