Initiative Member Spotlight: Brian Swallow, Managing Director at Enterprise Mobility

Sam Harrison
Marketing Executive | Business West
6th March 2024


Every so often we like to shine the spotlight on our members, and in this case one of the members of the Bristol Initiative. We sat down with Brian Swallow, to talk about his role as the Managing Director at Enterprise Mobility and their relationship with the Bristol Initiative.

Tell us about your role – what do you have responsibility for? What does a typical day look like?

I am the general manager of Enterprise Mobility for the South West region of the UK. I oversee the running of our operations, our team, as well as our long-term business accounts. Our people, network, customers and the community where we operate are my priorities. A typical day could see me meeting with a business to discuss their transport needs, liaising with the local council to discuss mobility solutions for the future or spending time with a local charity to understand how we can support. Every day is different and I love learning from different people who all have a common goal of creating a more sustainable future of mobility. I get satisfaction from knowing our solutions and team of experts can help solve challenges and opportunities, however different they might be from customer to customer.

What does your organisation do? Why do you like working for them?

I am passionate about the purpose-led and people-first approach that Enterprise Mobility takes. What began with a small fleet of cars in 1957 has expanded into a network of mobility solutions serving customers in more than 90 countries with over 10,000 team members. I am enthusiastic about collaborating with a diverse range of people, including councils, communities and businesses. By leveraging technology, insights and vehicles, our team of mobility experts craft and implement personalised strategies to move people and goods more efficiently. Mobility is constantly evolving, and I am excited about how we can help people on their journeys. 

We are proud to offer transportation right where people live and work, with rental locations conveniently located within 10 miles of 90% of the UK population. We have 7 Enterprise Rent-A-Car locations in the region, a Flex-E-Rent hub for commercial needs and over 50+ Enterprise Car Club locations. Bristol City Council have implemented a variety of these services to help keep their employees moving.

Why did you join the Bristol Initiative? 

We are pleased and excited to join the Bristol initiative for the tenth year running, collaborating alongside a city that is not only a hub for mobility, but also a key player in leading the future of sustainable transport solutions. 

As one of the early adopters in clean air zones, Bristol is a leader in connecting different modes of transport, including cars, train and buses. Due to the close proximity of our locations, we are a valuable player in adding value to this mobility ecosystem to help advance the movement of people and goods in an effective and sustainable way. Solutions like car clubs can produce up to 27% lower emissions than the average car, helping keep the streets of Bristol cleaner and greener.

In addition to keeping the local community moving, Bristol is home to thousands of successful businesses, many of which are our customers. We take pride in offering personalised solutions to help companies meet their mobility needs, whether they have 5, 50, 100 or 1000+ employees. 

What are the key agendas that you’re looking forward to getting involved with?

One of our founding values is: “We strengthen our communities one neighbourhood at a time”. Through donations and volunteering, I am proud and excited to continue supporting local charities such as Gympanzees and Wellspring Settlement. Gympanzees are a charity which aids children and young people with sensory, physical and learning difficulties, providing improved access to fitness. The Wellspring Settlement brings together the best of two long-standing community organisations: Barton Hill Settlement and Wellspring Healthy Living Centre. The two organisations merged in 2020 to strengthen how the community in Barton Hill is served. 

Where is your favorite place to visit in Bristol? 

Bristol is known for its rich diversity, with people from various backgrounds contributing to its vibrant culture, which I absolutely love. From the arts, music, history and food, the city encompasses a community feel that is friendly and collaborative. As a food enthusiast, I particularly enjoy exploring eateries like Paco Tapas, Pasture, and BOX-E.

For more information on Enterprise Mobility, check out their website here. If you're a Bristol Initiative Member and would like to be featured in a spotlight article like this, get in touch with Jenny Ablett.

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