James Durie reacts to news of snap election

Kye Parkin
Communications Executive | Business West
18th April 2017

Commenting on the PM’s decision to seek a General Election on 8 June, James Durie, Chief Executive of Bristol Chamber of Commerce & Initiative at Business West, said:

“Voters in the West of England will be surprised by today’s announcement that a general election will take place just 5 weeks after the election of a new City Region Mayor.

“Wealth creators running businesses and organisations will be concerned that an extra layer and period of uncertainty has been added to an already uncertain outlook.

“In our Q1 2017 local business survey, South West businesses expressed unease about the Brexit negotiations, calling for greater certainty and stability.

“Given that attention will now shift away to some extent on what Brexit means for business to the general election, government needs to do all that it can to reassure business that they haven’t taken their eye off the ball in creating conditions that will foster economic growth.

“In the tussle between local, national and indeed global issues it must not be missed that the election of a new City Region Mayor on 4th May is a very significant step, bringing nearly £1bn of new investment and powers which should impact on people’s lives.

“We are encouraging people to engage and get out and vote.”

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