Touch rugby helps break down barriers

26th July 2017

Working at Business West can sometimes be a siloed working experience. With staff working across the South West, on a range of different projects, it can be difficult to meet and network with employees outside of your own projects – something I know the company is striving to address. 

One way for the teams to better integrate and bond on a stronger level is through the annual touch rugby competition. Each year, teams from across the South West compete in the ‘Hartpury College West Country Corporate Challenge Touch Rugby Cup’, which is quite the mouthful. 

But rather than this being an excuse to just play some sport and have a laugh, the experience has a somewhat deeper purpose.

Through six weeks of training and a full day of matches, the touch rugby experience allowed for staff members from across the company to come together and interact, which they wouldn’t do in any other way. 

Players entered the team from marketing, skills, enterprise, start up, export and more. Nearly every department from across the company was represented by a team of 16 players. 

To meet so many people in such a short space of time was a real eye opener to the cross spectrum of people who work at Business West. 

On the day, the team performed amazingly, only losing out in the semi-final to Hartpury college, but going on to win the third-place shield with ease, all while getting the Business West name out there amongst the likes of Rolls Royce and others. 

All in all, it was a great team building experience and one that other companies should consider. Business West will undoubtedly be competing again next year.  


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