UK cyber tech companies to visit Israel as part of a 5-day technology visit

Leigh Jenkins
Marketing Manager - Innovation | Enterprise Europe Network
17th January 2018

Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) is delighted to be taking a delegation of UK organisations to Israel as part of Innovate UK’s Global Business Accelerator Programme (GBAP).

Aimed at highly innovative businesses operating in targeted technology sectors, EEN will manage eighteen technology focused  visits to 10 countries over the coming months.

The visit to Israel will give 14 businesses from the cyber tech sector the opportunity to meet Israeli cyber tech companies, research centres and key stakeholders, with the aim of developing strong international partnerships for future collaboration and technology exchange.-.

EEN has organised the visit to Israel to coincide with Cybertech Tel Aviv, the most significant conference and exhibition of cyber technologies to take place  outside of the United States.

As part of the preparation support  provided to delegates EEN has today held a briefing session where they were given market information and advice on how to do business in Israel and the cyber sector; training on how to improve their pitching skills and training on how to protect their IP.

EENSW Digital & Creative Sector Lead, Gabriella Cox, said:

“I was very impressed with the high calibre of cyber companies that applied for the programme.  The visit will not only provide our UK delegation with the knowledge and understanding of how to do business in Israel, but will also offer them a real opportunity to meet with some key players in the industry to develop the relationships they need to take on new projects in the future.  We expect to see some really interesting partnerships forming during the programme.”

Businesses attending:

Donal Carville – Circadian

Marcus Ong – Spectra Analytics

David Ranner – CameraForensics

Nithin Thomas – SQR Systems

Julian Watts – Traffic Observation via Management

Tim Moran – LuJam Security Ltd

Clive Stainton – Perimeter Group

Danny Rigby – Modux

Stuart Murdoch - Surevine

Amadeo Pellicce - Warden

John Tolhurst - Ioetec

Sam Reed - Air-IT

Simon Minton  - RUGGD

Chris Woods – CyberSparta

Godfrey Gaston - CIST


Pranava Technologies
Inspiring to see sich great initiatives from this businesswest , we are start based in REading, Berkshire and not sure whether there is a govt supported initiative like this here in Berkshire.. Well Done Keep it up, hopefully this visit would have a given some great insights to the team to generate bright /fresh ideas
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