Genesis: Preferential Origin Validation Tool

Genesis ICC Preferential Origin Online Tool

Genesis is a platform developed by the International Chambers of Commerce as a digital online self-certification tool in response to the increasing number of Free Trade Agreements.

With Free Trade Agreements allowing self-certification, Genesis is a way of proving the goods that are being exported qualify for preference.

Currently Genesis is in its pilot stage until the end of 2022 involving Business West Chamber of Commerce and four other UK Chambers of Commerce as well as the Netherlands, Canada, and Switzerland. It enables exporters to apply to Business West Chamber of Commerce, as an independent third party, to obtain the validation of their origin statement on invoice declarations.

Benefits of Genesis:

  • Reliable verification tool for exporters, importers and customs authorities
  • Reduce human error risks, fraud risks and costs
  • Facilitate smoother customs checks
  • Legal and cost liability is with importer, without an independent third party certifying these trade documents

How does it work:

  1. An exporter applies online through Genesis to Business West Chamber of Commerce 
  2. Exporter uploads their commercial invoice and declares the preferential origin on the invoice declaration
  3. Business West Chamber of Commerce carries out the validation and certifies the invoice declaration
  4. The invoice declaration can be checked by importing customs
  5. The importer, who is liable for the payment of duties and taxes on imported merchandise, can also check the declaration

Do you export goods abroad?

Do you find it difficult to self-certify the origin of the product you are exporting? Call 01275 373 373 or email to learn how Genesis can help you verify your self-certification when exporting.