Employment, Skills and Education

One of The Initiative’s main goals is to improve opportunities for young people throughout the region.

In our Bristol 2050 vision we explored the urban village school model put forward by the visionary educationalist James Wetz. The model advocated for smaller classes and one-to-one mentoring in order to improve teacher-pupil relationships which would produce significant benefits to young people. As a result, we support a number of projects, including Learning Partnership West, which give young people better and alternative education opportunities.


The aim of MentorMe is to reduce the risk of re-offending by helping ex-offenders to re-integrate into their local economy. The Initiative supports MentorMe which through trained volunteers, driven by their faith, offers friendship, hospitality, encouragement, support, care and a patient listening ear to those leaving prison or who have done so already and who wish to make a positive change to their lives.

What can you do?

Train as a volunteer

Support the MentorMe project financially

If you or your church would like to know more about the project, do get in touch with:

sandra@mentormeuk.org 01275 370785
alison@mentormeuk.org 01275 370892

My Future My Choice

Bristol businesses are coordinated by the The Bristol Initiative Trust to sponsor and supply volunteers for exciting education projects run by the agency My Future My Choice. These programmes appeal to schools because they relate to Bristol’s heritage and to the children’s future. They offer experiences with people and places the children might not normally have and they engage the parents and community in the opportunities for children’s future success and happiness .

One such project is Learning Ships. This project helps business and industry volunteers work with local schools, helping young people to celebrate and communicate their passion for learning. Learning Ships helps young people experience their heritage and introduces children to the vast range of exciting opportunities available for their future through interacting with parts of their local environment that saw dramatic changes in the past and that are facing dramatic changes in the future.


Initially a reading and numeracy project which links businesses to schools to give students one-to-one help, Ablaze now also helps with the governance of schools. Ablaze is a charity driven by businesses in the Bristol area that aims to develop sustainable partnerships between businesses and schools. Through core and bespoke programmes Ablaze provides structured volunteering opportunities to raise aspiration, attainment and achievement in young people from disadvantaged areas.

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