Group Coaching Initiative for Startups, Scaleups and Microbusinesses – Step 4: Main Programme

Alistair Ritchie
Director | Alternotion Ltd
5th December 2023
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Over the last week or so I’ve written about some common challenges that Startups, Scaleups and Microbusinesses tend to have to deal with.

Today I’m writing about an initiative to help these organisations. There’s an overview of this within Member Opportunities; in the next few blog posts I’m diving into some of the detail.

There are two included programmes and a growing number of options within the Group Coaching Initiative. Today's topic is the Main Programme. This has seven Group Coaching Sessions of 60 minutes, one session per fortnight on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays.

Why fortnightly? Because monthly leaves a noticeable gap and attendees may find it less easy to get back into the swing of the sessions. More frequently can be too much of a time impact for these companies. Why not Monday or Friday? From my experience! Mondays is catch up, deal with issues from the weekend, set the week and get moving. Friday is get everything outstanding done, signed off and delivered – and confirm targets for next week.

  1. Understanding market, market demand and competition. 
  2. Management skills - hard and soft. 
  3. Finding / hiring / retaining the right staff.
  4. Money and investment.
  5. Avoiding wrong new product / service.
  6. Controlling growth.
  7. ESG


The first six have been mentioned in previous blogs. ESG is a topic on its own as it pretty much impacts everywhere. You may think ESG is a bit over the top right now but collectively, microbusinesses can have a big impact. There are over 5 million microbusinesses in the UK. If each microbusiness used ONE less sheet of A4 per day, that would save around 500 trees a day or 125,000 trees per annum (based on five-day working week). That’s an area of about 150 acres and as woodland could remove around 125,000 tonnes of Carbon from the atmosphere. We really can make a difference. 

The seven topics are in no particular order and one does not follow on from another. This means that attendees can join at any time in the knowledge that they will cover all seven topics in a row. 

Using a Group Coaching approach means that all attendees gain from each other and the result is often more than the sum of the parts. It can also dramatically reduce costs for the attendees. 

We will be kicking off in the New Year.

If you’d like to chat around this area just go here:

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