How can C-Coach support your business's workforce?

Paul Burton
1st February 2023

C-Coach has joined The Chambers of Commerce at Business West to provide Members with the intelligence and means to support a productive and engaged workforce, and create irresistible organisations where people want to work, and customers want to do business. C-Coach’s unique product is a great match for a number of priorities at The Chambers.

The timing was perfect too. The Chambers of Commerce have been hard at work building a new approach to membership and in early 2023 started trialling a new model, offer and product portfolio focused on achieving positive impact across a number of key business objectives.

So, what is C-Coach?

C-Coach is a digital personalised coach ‘in your pocket’ that supports individuals within business organisations to identify and change the behaviours that are impacting their performance/life and equip their manager to support them.

We all have blind spots that impact our wellbeing, relationship, and work. C-Coach empowers individuals to take responsibility for their own growth so they can self-identify what is holding them back and what they don’t know.

C-Coach puts the power of personalised change in the pockets of individuals across entire organisations. And C-Coach have witnessed great things happening within the organisations that have used the service. 

The coaching app then identifies priority development and connects individuals to bite size (4,000+) content from experts around the world, including articles, video and tools and they can also use it to collaborate with others who are learning in the same space or are experts who can help them.  

It’s tech that is human centred and provides easy-to-access tools and data to focus team members, managers, and business leaders to take positive steps to realise their potential, with really great results.

Here’s how The Chamber believes C-Coach can help members

  1. Differentiate you from the competition and support you in becoming an employer of choice by gaining a great USP and an employee value proposition that shows your workforce that you really care, while equipping you with expectations and language to help people grow and instil positive DE&I behaviour. 
  2. Increase the wellbeing, life, business competence and confidence of individuals in their current and future roles. 
  3. Raise the competence of all leaders to have honest, supportive, and difficult conversations to support individual and team competence and performance, in line with business objectives. 
  4. Flexible, personalised, bite sized (15 mins on average) learning interventions are immediately available and fit into busy lives. 
  5. You receive data about the engagement with the coach, as well as competency, growth and needs of all your people. 


C-Coach aren’t a software company; they are change specialists that care about having a positive impact on individuals and business at scale, which is another reason why this product is such a great match with The Chamber.

"C-Coach has the perfect blend of ingredients for lasting, meaningful change, delivering on all aspects of the change journey. The targeted content that the C-Coach provides is amazing and its bitesize chunks make it manageable and digestible. I highly recommend C-Coach to anyone wanting to take themselves, their careers and business to the next level." - James Boyd - Co Founder Little Tinkers, Change Specialist and Author of 'Project Management is People Management'

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