How intelligent automation software could help your business

12th December 2018

Companies throughout the world are always on the lookout to discover how they can do business in a more cost effective way, while deliver better customer service.

As technology advances, more opportunities arise to leverage the latest innovations.

One such case is the use of next generation “intelligent automation” software. This enables employees to complete laborious computer-based processes and tasks in a fraction of the time. Not only is this good for employees whose time can then be used much more productively, but it also brings big advances in accuracy and compliance.

One large organisation exemplifies this by being able to automate a 4 hour claims investigation task down to 6 minutes and in doing so saving £50 million a year.

While standard Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has been around for several years, the number of use cases where it could be effectively utilised were severely restricted as it could only handle structured data (e.g. spreadsheets and databases). However, the next generation intelligent automation capability, developed by a Bristol based software company Maximise IT,  is having a hugely positive impact on businesses as they are now also able to automate unstructured data (emails, documents etc) which has not only increased the opportunities for use but also the value to be derived.

The solution combines a number of the latest technologies including Machine Learning, OCR Plus, Natural Language Processing and Cognitive Computing to deliver a seamless solution to clients. The software can be deployed quickly and generate excellent Return on Investment within months. It can be delivered commercially as a Software as a Service (SaaS) which makes the investment choice much more flexible so that any costs can be offset against the savings achieved.

Bristol is at the forefront in the UK of many technical innovations making it a great place for Software companies to be based to access the rich pool of developer talent locally.

Maximise IT are running a webinar on Thursday 13th December for those interested in learning more how previous technical limitations have been overcome to exploit the significant savings now available.

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