Meet the Local Skills Improvement Plan Team - Chloe Barratt

Fay Daniels
Marketing Manager - Contracts | Business West
27th March 2024

Chloe is a Project Coordinator at Business West. She provides admin support and assistance to the Local Skills Improvement Plan (LSIP) team to ensure smooth co-ordination and delivery of the project.  

In our conversation with Chloe, we delved into her background, explored her current responsibilities at Business West, and discovered what her ideal Sunday entails. 

Tell us a bit about yourself and your career background? 

I came to Bristol to study Law seven or so years ago. I graduated during the pandemic and was a bit unsure of what to do next. I’ve always wanted to work within sustainability, so I decided to do a Masters in Environmental Law and Sustainable Development. Whilst I was completing my Masters I worked at Lloyds Bank and volunteered with various environmental charities. I then began an internship with Business West on their Net Zero team in 2022, before joining the LSIP team as a Project Coordinator, which is my current role.

What does a typical work day look like for you? 

It can be quite varied throughout the year but generally my day will be split between some admin work – responding to emails, supporting with any events admin, and ensuring our internal resources, such as our engagement data, are all up to date. I have also been leading a green skills sub-project recently, so some of my day is often spent researching the supply and demand of green skills in the region and talking to stakeholders and businesses to gain some further intelligence for the project.   

What is your favourite part of your role? 

I really enjoy meeting the different businesses and stakeholders that we work with on the LSIP. I’ve also really enjoyed researching more about green skills provision in the region as it’s allowed me to focus on something I feel very passionate about.  

What is one tip you would give businesses who want to get involved in the LSIP? 

To reach out! We have lots of amazing people within our team who can share their expertise, experience, and overall knowledge as to the types of services and support available in the region. If you want to find out more about the LSIP there will always be someone happy to have an initial chat and introduce you to the project. 

Tell us about your perfect Sunday – what would it involve? 

A slow morning in bed with a coffee and some of my favourite books and then a day spent completely immersed in nature, perhaps stopping by Windhill City Farm. I would then spend the evening with family/friends having a big dinner! 



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