Meet the Local Skills Improvement Plan Team - Jacquie Bell

Aneta Mikesova
Marketing Executive
3rd April 2024

Jacquie is an Events Executive at Business West. She supports the Project and Events Manager on running all focus groups and events across the West of England, Gloucestershire and Swindon & Wiltshire LSIPs. You'll find her at focus groups and forums running slides and coordinating the team.

In our conversation with Jacquie, we delved into her background, explored her current responsibilities at Business West, and discovered what her ideal Sunday entails. 

Tell us a bit about yourself and your career background?

I have had various roles before Business West, including working for Banks, Building Societies and in a School. I initially started working in the Reception team at Business West, before I applied for my current Events Executor role. I was then part of the Skills team and planned and executed their events programme and split my time between this and working with the Leigh Court events team at Leigh Court.

What is your current role at Business West?

I now am part of the LSIP team and my role involves everything from setting up events on Eventbrite, to liaising with speakers and attendees, to running the event on the day and sending out follow up emails and any administration. I also spilt my time with Leigh Court and assist with their events and weddings.

What is your favourite aspect of your role?

I enjoy the fact that my job is really varied. I could be setting up an online Zoom workshop, searching for venues to hold in-person events, running a webinar event or completing admin tasks. No 2 days are the same! I also enjoy working with all the members of the LSIP and Leigh Court teams – they’re all really friendly and approachable, and the time goes really quickly.

What is the most challenging aspect of your role?

I would say the most challenging part of my role is being organised. Splitting my time between 2 different departments means I must prioritise my workload and keep on top of all the ongoing tasks.

What type of events can businesses attend as part of the LSIP?

By attending one of our focus groups businesses are able to join in a larger discussion - this is also a great way of connecting with other businesses who also work in their sector. Businesses can also speak to one of our team one to one, where they can book an interview with one of our Business Engagement Executives. They are able to offer a bespoke signposting service to point them in the direction of training and support available for their business based around the priorities discussed. We also have our LSIP Skills Advisors who can work with businesses one to one, looking at skills and workforce development planning, helping them navigate the sometimes-complicated skills landscape. 

Why do you think businesses should attend LSIP events?

This research project is funded by the Department for Education, with a primary goal to ensure post-16 technical education and career pathways are aligned with the region’s workforce needs. Employers have an opportunity to help, influence and shape the future skills in their business, their sector, and their region. Whilst voicing their own concerns, needs and ideas they are contributing hugely to the future provision as our findings will inform how the Local Skills Improvement Fund (LSIF) will be invested. 

Tell us about your perfect Sunday – what would it involve?

My perfect Sunday would be a leisurely start, followed by a long walk ending up at a pub for some food and maybe a glass of wine!

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