Why do we believe that business is a force for good?

Susie Parker
Head of Marketing - Membership & Web | Business West
2nd January 2024

"Business is a force for good". That’s what we’re telling people. But it’s not just a pretty sentiment.

What makes this statement real is that this philosophy is being reflected in our fast-growing membership community, made up of a diverse range of inspirational businesses operating across our Chamber network in Bristol, Bath, Gloucestershire and Wiltshire. 

From start-ups to SMEs and larger corporations, it feels good to be facilitating meaningful connections, purposeful contributions and rich conversations among our members – and in actively tackling challenging business issues on their behalf.

We had a great year in 2023, welcoming so many interesting new businesses to the membership fold, each reinforcing the idea that business is indeed a force for good.

Don’t take my word for it. Here’s a quick picture of just three of our newest members below, demonstrating this belief perfectly, each business gaining ground in the present but with the potential for far-reaching impact in our future - from developing skills and creating opportunities for the next generation to pioneering innovative solutions to global environmental challenges, and in championing long-term local sustainability.

  • Not Impossible are passionate about supporting young people in finding work that matters to them, and in creating work experiences that accelerate social mobility by opening doors to new worlds. But to create enough opportunities for all it needs to be easy and beneficial for organisations to host. Not Impossible achieves this by matching school leavers and young people with suitable employers so they can test out different careers and ultimately find a job that is meaningful to them.
  • Vertical Horizon Hydroponics are on a mission to help everyone understand, join and benefit from the hydroponic revolution! With 70% of the world's freshwater being used for farming, Hydroponics uses less than 5% of the water, compared to soil-based growing. Handmade in Bath, creating the first truly sustainable and affordable hydroponic system, supplying to local gardeners and urban farms, restaurants, commercial growers and global retail and blue-chip corporations.
  • Cinderhill Farm From small beginnings, Deborah Flint learned her trade at the Coleford Country Market stall selling pies and rolls with other Forest of Dean micro-producers. Cinderhill Farm is now a nationally recognised producer of outstanding quality, handmade ready-to-eat foods for the retail consumer and high value food service outlets. Competing in a market that has been used to making do with fast-grown, indoor-reared, flavourless meat for the consumer’s shopping basket, Cinderhill Farm's iconic branding is now a reassuring flag guiding consumers to where they can expect excellence, flavour, generous portions of handmade Slow Food goodness.

The membership sales team have a knack for capturing some fascinating perspectives and insights from our new members, including examples of how the less tangible but powerful benefits of membership can have a huge impact, such as on a smaller or isolated business; the connectivity within an influential community leading to real growth...

Deborah Flint of Cinderhill Farm, operating as a smaller local business, cited that:

"Membership has enabled me to have a voice!"

Her business has since grown to sell half a million in produce.

We’re ready for more inspirational member tales to tell in 2024!


 If you're interested in finding out how joining our influential business community as a member can help you in 2024, we're happy to have a chat! Simply register your interest and we'll be in touch.

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