Business West current position on Brexit news

Tom Smith
Digital Marketing Executive | Business West
15th November 2018

Commenting on the current situation with Brexit, Phil Smith, managing director of Business West said:

“Businesses were hoping that the Prime Minister’s deal would present some much needed certainty and stability in the short to medium term. Whatever the views about Brexit, we had hoped that this was a deal which would allow businesses to trade through a transition and start to plan for a future trade arrangement. 

The current political instability and series of Ministerial resignations seem to create even more uncertainty, at precisely the time businesses were hoping to be able to make decisions about currently postponed investment and future growth. It also seems to raise the prospect on a ‘No Deal’ considerably, which will deeply worry many. 

A No Deal Brexit would be tremendously damaging for businesses in the region, and threaten the viability of many exporting firms – it is not a prospect that any political leader should consider. After two and a half years it is deeply frustrating that the prospect of a sensible agreement seems to be being threatened, with no other viable form of Brexit being offered. Calm compromise and details of a realistic plan are needed urgently.”


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