What do I want to see in Bristol 2050?

Tawana Maisokwadzo
Work Experience Student | Business West
25th July 2018

My name is Tawana Maisokwadzo and I’m currently studying for my GCSE’s at St Mary Redcliffe and Temple School. I recently completed a work placement at Business West, where I was introduced to the Initiative’s 2050 vision for Bristol. I have a strong interest in social issues affecting Bristol, so, inspired by High in Hope, I thought I’d share what I want to see in my city by 2050.

Bristol is a hub of creativity, which promotes diversity and accepts unfamiliar cultures and embraces new trends. Bristol is a ball of potential, it is a city that is full of positive energy, with a youthful population that has the ability and opportunity to flourish and unleash their creativity.

But Bristol has the potential to be so much more than it currently is.

Behind each corner lies someone without a home. Only a few minutes from the city centre - filled with aesthetically pleasing architectural design – depressed streets and faces of those who bear downtrodden hearts come into view. This must change. 

Bristol is the perfect juxtaposition. A city which is so prosperous and full of life that is also home to 13,705 cases of violent crime per year. 

Bristol is beautiful until the street lights come on and those who have slipped through the net come out discharging their sorrows into the streets we call beautiful. Then the lights turn off, the sun comes up and the people who are deprived remain hidden and unnoticed. This must change. 

In 2050 I want to see opportunities not only available for me and my family and those in formal education, but opportunities which are tailored to suit the learning requirements of each individual. I want to see enthusiasm for education and awareness on environmental sustainability among young people as they hold the keys to our development as a society. I want to see people of all different ethnicities, religious backgrounds and races all actively participating in the expansion of our minds and welcoming new concepts and ideas. 

I want to see greater interaction between the local councils and people in their constituency. People feeling greater contentment when issues are passed on to their MPs. I want to travel into work by train, bike or foot without questioning my safety or others around me. I want to be efficient with the resources available to me. I want an income which is suitable to support myself and family but also local businesses and charities.

I want to attend events highlighting Bristol’s participation and support in the wider world tackling global issues using itself as a reflection for what others can also be when they come together as one. I want to work in a flexible environment which permits me to use my time and resources efficiently. 

I think that Bristol’s cultural diversity is its best asset to fight against homelessness, obesity and many other challenges we will face as we develop into an innovative, culturally rich society.

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