5 cheap and easy ways to design an office your staff will love

Suhayl Laher
Executive | Tiles Direct
23rd March 2017

Designing a corporate space has often been thought of as a simple affair: buy a bunch of grey desks, the cheapest office chairs, and a few computers, and organise them in the most economical way possible. However, recently, companies have been realising that getting the most out of their employees requires some lateral thinking on the design front.

Spending huge amounts of money on decorating your office isn’t the best use of start-up capital, and with that in mind, here are 5 wallet-friendly ways to design an office your staff will love.

1. Bring in the great outdoors

The great concrete jungle that is the corporate world isn't always regarded as the most productive or creative environment, but for new start-ups especially, you have the power to change that perspective. Bringing some nature into the office environment can not only add a splash of colour to your work space, but also get those creative juices flowing - making sure that your team feels happy and relaxed in their working environment.

Make sure to incorporate plenty of colour, as overloading your staff with greens will only have the same effect as a profusion of grey - so fill your office with an abundance of natural colours to bring something new to the workplace.

2. Get creative with furniture

Being bold with your office furniture is a sure way to stand out from the crowd, but it doesn’t always have to mean filling your meeting room with clichéd beanbags. You could, of course, follow the Amazon method - repurposing doors as desks or turning your table into a work of art with wood effect tiles. Add a bold statement colour to the table to grab attention or if you’re looking to keep it understated and strictly business, go with traditional a wood finish.

3. Stay fresh

When you’re decorating, it’s important to take into account your staff’s sense of smell, as well as their sight. Spots of colour here and there and quirky furniture choices are all well and good, but unless your office smells fresh and clean, your staff won’t be as comfortable as they could be. Think about investing in some citrus scented air fresheners or candles to keep your office smelling new and clean long after you finish reorganising your workspace.

4. Turn the tables

This tip is simple yet effective. Try rearranging the furniture to make the office look brand new, without having to splash out on expensive kit. Switching up your office is completely free, and easy changes such as rotating tables or hanging mirrors can make your office look much bigger and brighter than it did before. Think about repurposing unused office essentials, too. If you come across old file or magazine holders that you no longer use, rotate them and use them as a corner shelf or charging station.

5. Keep it tidy

Another idea sure to add aesthetic appeal is a cheap and easy tidy-up. Keep wires organised with bulldog clips and cable ties to ensure desks are tangle-free zones - and make use of the out-of-sight areas of the office, like the undersides of desks, for the storage of messy-looking items. This will not only de-clutter your workplace, but your staff will have much more room to work in, meaning they’re guaranteed to be more productive.

From getting rid of desk bins and keeping the rubbish in one place to getting creative with existing office furniture, with these simple and low-cost tips, you and your staff will soon be working in an office space you love.

About the author

Suhayl Laher works at Tiles Direct – one of the UK’s largest independent tile distributors and retailers, bringing design inspiration to home owners, architects and developers.

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