EUR1 Movement Certificate

What you need to know about the EUR1 Movement Certificate

The EU has preferential trading agreements with certain countries which enables importers to import goods at a lower rate of import duty, known as importing under "preference".   

For your customer to benefit from this you, as the exporter, must complete an EUR1 Movement Certificate document and make a declaration that your goods satisfy the rules of origin required in the regulations.

How to apply for an EUR1 Movement Certificate

An EUR1 certificate must be certified and issued by a Chamber of Commerce, and here’s where we can help. As Business West, we are fully authorised to issue EUR1 certificates in the UK on behalf of H.M Revenue & Customs (HMRC). And this means no matter where you’re based in the country we have a dedicated service ready to help you avoid customs problems and export your goods successfully.

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Harmonised System Code

Before submitting an EUR1 application you will first need the Harmonised System (HS) code for your products. This is a system of product coding and classification used by customs authorities around the world and can also be referred to as a ‘Tariff Number’.

To find out the relevant HS code for your exports you can simply enter your goods description into the EU’s ‘Applied Tariffs Database’.

Once you have your HS code you can easily apply for your EUR1 certified documents using our online services on Acorn International.


The issue fee is £44.00 (+VAT) for electronic versions and £46.00 (+VAT) for manual copies.

There are however discounts available to members of the Business West Chambers of Commerce.


How do I complete an EUR1 application?

Please refer to Customs Notice 827, Section 11.

How long will it take to get my EUR1?

Correctly completed applications received by post are issued and posted back to applicants the same day.

Can I apply for an EUR1 after shipment?

Yes. You can apply for a retrospective EUR1, please refer to Customs Notice 827, Section 3.11 for further details.

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