Trading Through Brexit - Video Series

To help you navigate your way through Brexit we are creating a series of videos which address some of the biggest issues most likely to affect you. 

Presented by Matt Griffith, Policy Director at Business West and an experienced business adviser with expertise in trade negotiations and economic policy, the series aim to help you make sense of the changes as they happen and also provide answers to the questions you may have.

Trading Through Brexit updates

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Video 11: Brexit Day

As the United Kingdom leaves the European Union, Matt gives businesses an update on how to prepare as we enter the transition period.

Video 10: Brexit and your workforce

In this episode, Matt speaks to Adam Sinfield, Senior Immigration Manager at Osborne Clarke about the potential impacts of Brexit for employers.

Video 9: What does the extension mean for your business?

On Thursday the EU agreed to extend Article 50 and delay the UK’s withdrawal until 31 October. Government now has 6 months to find a deal that will pass through Parliament.

Video 8: Have you got your EORI number yet?

In the latest instalment helping businesses navigate the ever-changing Brexit waters, Matt talks Customs Declaration Training, EORI and the EU Settlement Scheme.

Video 7: What happens next?

Matt helps us pick through the bewildering events in the House of Commons this week to give some clarity on deal and no-deal preparations for business.

Video 6: Matt Griffith's interview with Humphrey Henry

Matt talks to Humphrey Henry, specialist in Global Compliance at ITM (International Trade Matters), about how businesses can prepare for Brexit.

Video 5: May's Commons defeat - What next for business?

Matt Griffith responds to MPs rejecting May’s deal, discusses the prospects of a new deal or no deal, and highlights how your business can now prepare for Brexit.

Video 4: A busy week in Parliament - Where are we now?

In a week that's seen a step-down from a scheduled parliamentary vote, followed by the Prime Minister surviving a vote of no confidence, Matt Griffith provides some clarification for businesses.

Video 3: Matt Griffith responds to Theresa May's Brexit Deal Fallout

With the Prime Minister defending her position ahead of a fraught Common's vote, Matt talks through the key issues.

Video 2: November update

As we get closer to a withdrawl agreement, what should you look out for in the coming month?

Video 1: How at risk is your business when we leave Europe and what to do about it

The first video in the series shares the three key issues you need to consider in order to determine how at risk your business is when we leave Europe and what to do about it.

Watch this space for more videos from Matt

To ensure we address as many business-related Brexit issues as possible we invite you to register today and ask our team your questions. We will answer as many questions as possible; your questions will also help shape future videos, FAQs and Trading Through Brexit content. Once you have registered your interest, we will share regular updates with you to help you navigate your business through Brexit and beyond.

Back to Brexit - What do businesses need to consider? 09/09/2020

Ian Mean, Director of Business West in Gloucestershire talks to Matt Griffith, Director of Policy at Business West about the likely direction of the new round of Brexit talks, and what that might mean for businesses.

Matt Griffith on Points West 24/01/2019

Matt Griffith, Director of Policy at Business West discusses continued Brexit uncertainty for businesses alongside Mark Summers, Managing Director at Avon Valley Precision Engineering.

Phil Smith on Sunday Politics West 16/12/2018

Phil Smith, Managing Director of Business West, debates with Labour MP for Bristol East, Kerry McCarthy and Conservative MP for Yeovil, Marcus Fysh about Brexit uncertainty.

What are businesses saying about potential Brexit impact?

Amid the current uncertainties surrounding post-Brexit trade, we hear from businesses across the South West in a range of sectors about how Brexit might affect them, and what measures they are taking to prepare.

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