The home business guide

Up and down the UK, people are spotting gaps in the market and realising there are customers for the skills, knowledge or assets they have developed through employment or personal passions.

These entrepreneurs are using their home space to bring business ideas to life. There are many benefits to a home-based business, including the 60-second commute, being able to build a business around family life, and reduced overheads from not having to pay for commercial premises.

This is why people choose to start at home, where you can make full use of technology and communications to reach customers and generate income and profits without having to expand out of your home space.

This guide will tell you all the things you need think about, the legal implications and what to conisder when starting a business from home, including:

  • Finding your bright and brilliant business idea
  • Why franchise is a good idea
  • A home business is all in the planning
  • Why it's important to be insured
  • How to register your business
  • Dealing with HMRC
  • What you need to do to protect your brand
  • Creating your perfect work environment
  • Everything you need for a great tech fit-out
  • How to work on the move
  • How to find funding and meet a mentor

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