What is inbound marketing?

If your business does not fully embrace inbound marketing then the chances are that you're missing a large percentage of your potential customers.

Referred to as ‘pull’ or ‘inbound’ marketing this more customer centric approach has evolved in recent years as technology has empowered the consumer. Inbound marketing is the process of attracting prospects to your business through the use of engaging and informative information. This can be in the form of content from simple graphics to full-blown white papers across a number of marketing channels.

This guide:

  • Reviews the best approach for outbound and inbound marketing
  • Looks at how inbound marketing is used today
  • And looks at inbound marketing for the future

Written for Business West by David Sloly, award-winning content creator, author and speaker - who in 2015 delivered a compelling presentation at TEDxBristol: 'Change Your Story, Change Your World'.

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