Why an authentic backstory can grow your brand

Dakota Murphey
Business Growth Consultant
14th May 2024

In today's competitive marketplace, where consumers are increasingly seeking authenticity and connection with the brands they support, the power of a compelling backstory can’t be underestimated. 

Whether it's an artisan baker, or a boutique retailer keeping the UK’s highstreets alive, supporting the prosperity of local businesses is more important than ever. Homegrown brands are the backbone of communities, and are immeasurably valuable for attracting customers, building trust and developing skills in their local areas. 

This article explores the importance of highlighting your authentic brand with an engaging backstory to fuel growth and boost your business. 

Promote the people behind your brand

At the heart of every great brand and business is a great story waiting to be told. For anyone who enjoys watching Dragon’s Den, it’s often the people who founded the business that are more fascinating than the products or services they are launching. The inspiring Founder of Mini First Aid, for instance, started her business from a kitchen table in Leeds after identifying the untapped potential of offering infant first aid classes to parents and carers. 

Whether it's an entrepreneur with a ‘light bulb’ idea, or a family of bakers selling artisan bread, discovering their brand and the individuals who poured their heart into it can be fascinating. They are the ones who have shaped its identity and this resonates with consumers on a personal level. Therefore, understanding and sharing the journey of these individuals – their hurdles, winning moments and what motivates them – humanises the brand. 

Champion local businesses

Despite the cost-of-living crisis in the UK, people prefer to shop locally with 47% of respondents agreeing it is better for the environment and others buying into shoplocaluk.org’s broader mission to safeguard local communities. In an era dominated by large corporations, fast-fashion and mass-produced goods, consumers are gravitating towards brands with a genuine backstory and a commitment to local communities. The rise of the ‘support local’ movement reflects this shift in consumer preferences towards authenticity, sustainability and ethical practices. 

With a continued growth in customers’ support for community-based businesses, it’s crucial to align your brand identity to promote your ethics and community ties. Create a unique backstory explaining how, where and why you founded a business and communicate this to your target market. By championing your brand's origins, and highlighting its ties to local producers or any recycling drives in your business, you can tap into the consumer’s growing sentiment and differentiate yourself from impersonal corporate giants. Furthermore, these messages build strong foundations to establish long-term relationships with your clients, customers and niche market.

Set your business apart

In a crowded market, establishing your niche and promoting your distinct brand personality is essential for standing out from the competition. Your brand's backstory is your company’s unique voice and can help to position and establish your business in its rightful market. Creating one will also enable you to reach prospective consumers and let them know who you really are as a brand. 

With this in mind, you might want to point out your commitment to sustainability, if your business supports Local Skills Improvement Plans (LSIP), and what your long-standing connections are with the community. You will want a brand that is genuine, so by celebrating your brand’s values, you can forge closer connections in your locality. 

Capture your audience’s attention

A strong backstory isn't just a narrative – it's a key marketing strategy that can inform and elevate your entire campaign. Whether it’s engaging posts across social media channels or authentic visuals that reflect your brand’s origins, leveraging your brand's unique identity effectively allows you to engage, captivate and grow and cement your brand’s message to your customer base. 

The story of your brand should prioritise certain criteria, including relevance, authority and authenticity. By creating content that aligns with these principles, you’ll enhance your brand's visibility and add significant value to your audience's online experience. Whether it's through informative blog posts, engaging videos or insightful news, valuable and up-to-date content establishes your brand as a reliable source of information and positions you as an authority in your industry.

Build authority with consistent messaging

One of the most effective ways to build on the trust established in your brand is with authoritative content that not only resonates with your audience but also adds credibility to your products and services. Google values authority in such content, validating blog posts and web content based on how relevant they are in relation to what your business does. The true engines of search engine success are ‘trust’ and ‘expertise’ (aka “authority) and being deemed trustworthy by Google’s algorithms is great news for your business. It will rank your website higher in search results which, in turn, increases your brand’s visibility and drives traffic in your direction.

With the internet overflowing, the constant barrage of online material and brand messaging not only confuses potential customers but leads to consumer or communication fatigue. Your target market might become so overwhelmed that they ignore your messaging. An engaging story behind how and why your business formed in addition to authoritative content is paramount for business success. By sharing genuine stories, insights and customer experiences, you humanise your brand and develop real connections with your audience. Whether it's showcasing behind-the-scenes glimpses of your operations or sharing customer testimonials, any authentic content will foster trust and loyalty. 

In addition, consistent messaging is also key when it comes to building ongoing trust. By maintaining a clear voice and visual identity across your communication channels, you reinforce your brand's credibility and that authority you established. Social media posts, email newsletters and consistent messaging fosters all help to elevate your brand. This not only boosts your brand's credibility but also increases the likelihood of attracting qualified leads and driving conversions.

Driving business growth 

Ultimately, the authority and trust you develop with your audience will translate into tangible business results. By delivering valuable, authentic content, you can attract more visitors to your website and hopefully also convert them into loyal paying customers. 

Your brand's backstory isn't only a marketing tool – it's a fundamental part of your identity and a key driver of your unique selling points. By articulating your USPs clearly, you’ll also win a competitive advantage in the market.

By sharing the journey of your brand, the people behind it and its unique personality and values, you forge meaningful connections with your audience and differentiate yourself in a crowded market. When authenticity reigns supreme, embracing your brand's backstory is more than a marketing component, it's a pathway to building trust, loyalty and long-term success.

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