3 questions with Bevis Watts, Chief Executive of Triodos Bank

10th February 2020

UWE, in partnership with Business West, runs an annual lecture series that brings top business leaders to Bristol. We caught up with Bevis Watts, Chief Executive of Triodos Bank before he gave his talk 'Bankers must become Eco-warriors'.

1. What is a sustainable bank?

A sustainable bank is essentially one that firstly keeps people’s money safe and secondly uses it in the long-term interests of its customers.

So, essentially, financing things that improve people’s quality of life today, but by not comprising the quality of life or the natural environment for future generations. 

2. How can our financial sector be the catalyst for a sustainable future? 

Our banking sector could play a very different role and be a really positive force for good, we all have a role to play in changing that, but we need to regulate it differently.

We also need to recognise not only are banks inherently connected to the natural environment and are affected by climate change, but they have a responsibility in creating those risks in the first place.

3. What can individuals and organisations do to make a positive impact on the environment?

The one thing we’ve all got to do as individuals and organisations is recognise the responsibility to know what our money is doing.

Money is a hugely powerful form of democracy. Where we choose to spend our money, where we choose to save it, is a vote for your values. So, think about what your money is doing and take an interest in how it is being used by your bank.

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