Ruth Dooley to chair GFirst LEP

Ian Mean
Director of Business West Gloucestershire | Business West
4th August 2021

As a board member of GFirst LEP I was impressed by some words in the interview presentation made for the new chair’s role by accountant Ruth Dooley.

Those words were: “I think sometimes people’s egos get in the way of getting things done, and if their name is not put to it, they are not prepared to support it”.

Wise words from Ruth who has just been appointed to succeed Diane Savory OBE as our new chair - the first change in its leadership as Diane steps down after 10 years at the helm.

Ruth told me: “To my mind that is not how it should be. If you are in a position of trying to get the greater economic good for the county, then you should do it whether or not you take the credit for it.

“It was a quote I heard on the radio, and I thought it was so apposite because there are so many situations I see where things don’t happen because people feel slighted or not involved.

“If you are prepared to influence and persuade and let other people take the credit you can achieve a lot more than if you always want to be in the limelight”.

I couldn’t agree more. Over the years, being a chair and vice chair of organisations, I have found what Ruth says is absolutely true.

Motivation and encouragement are the keys to ensure people are behind the goal.

I learned a lot working alongside Sir Henry Elwes, our former Lord Lieutenant, who was brilliant at getting the very best out of volunteers who were often busy people.

"I think I am a good motivator”, Ruth says. "I want people to enjoy what they are doing and feel enthusiastic about it”.

These are exciting and transformational times for Local Enterprise Partnerships like GFirstLEP with a government review due soon on their future and operations.

Ruth has all credentials for the job having been in Gloucestershire for 30 years and is a partner and head of the litigation support team at Hazlewoods LLP.

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