3 Questions with Theresa Wise, CEO, The Royal Television Society

29th September 2021

The University of the West of England (UWE), in partnership with Business West, runs an annual lecture series that brings top business leaders to Bristol. We caught up with Theresa Wise, CEO of The Royal Television Society before her address.

1. How is the streaming revolution changing TV?

The streaming revolution has been absolutely fundamental to a massive amount of change in TV.

It’s changing viewing enormously. People are viewing much more on demand and it’s raising the price of great content.

If you’re an actor or behind the screen you’re very much in demand at the moment. Prices are running rampant, which is great for production.

2. How will television production and consumption change in the future?

It looks like there’s going to be even more production going forward, partly because there are lots more streaming services being launched and many of them will want to commission new content, and that’s got to be produced somewhere.

The great news, if you’re a Brit, is that there’s a huge amount of production going on in the UK. So, I would expect even more activity going on in the UK of every sort of genre.

3. What advice would you give to students looking to forge a career in the industry?

The great thing – if you’re looking to start out in the television industry – is that it’s growing really fast and there’s never been more demand for great skills. 

If you want to get started the first thing you need to do is actually start filming things if you want to be on the practical side.

It’s also worth researching the other jobs that are available to do in the industry. 

Some people are natural creative filmmakers, others are great on the technical and post-production side or the crafts and skills side. Others are really good on the commercial or communications side. There are jobs to be done in all of those things.

The second thing is that there are lots of bursary schemes. We at The Royal Television Society run a fantastic bursary scheme which helps people from lower income backgrounds. We give cash, mentor people and help them into careers.

I think do what you’re interested in, research it, find a good scheme and network a lot!

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